Teen Psychological Thrillers

Teens in today’s world face a lot of problems. Their lives can be interrupted by events that will leave them wondering exactly what happened and what they can do to prevent it in the future. Some teens look to dystopian novels to help them get through the bad things in life. Others pour through psychological thrillers, where they can imagine themselves in the place of the characters, fighting to return to a normal life, when everything is topsy turvy.

This genre of thrillers isn’t new, although it hasn’t been around for as long as the crime or military thriller. Books for teens are difficult to plot and finding topics that lend well to a psychological thriller are difficult.

Some areas that work well in a teen psychological thriller are school violence, bad dating situations, divorce and the aftermath of that situation, and identity issues. In these areas, the teens are thrust into a dark world, where they are adrift from their norm and seeking a solution to the problem. They don’t know who to trust or where to turn. Even advice from parents or friends doesn’t feel right.

The dark tone of these books might seem off-putting to adults, who tend to want their children to read stories with a guaranteed happily ever after ending, but that’s now how the world works these days. Far too many teens have experienced the situations outlined in a psychological thriller and can relate to the characters and how they deal with the problems.

A family torn asunder when one parent decides to take off with the children following the breakup of a marriage can cause undue anxiety for those left behind. Witnessing a friend in a bad relationship, knowing they have to extract themselves, and yet wanting to help is normal, but how does someone get involved without risking injury or worse? School violence happens in an instant, often without warning, and the teen finds they have to react but their emotions are telling them to run.

Books that explore these subjects can be enlightening. They also all have the same tone to them…

They’re thrilling, chilling, and should not be started after dark. Otherwise, you’ll be up all night with these mysterious, murderous nail biters! There are no monsters here, except the manipulative human kind. Even so, you may want to enjoy the stories below with the light on!


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