The Pond

Welcome to #MysteryThrillerWeek2017. We continue today with a short story with a paranormal element and a lot of thrills and suspense.

Supernatural gifts aren’t to be scorned. Some can communicate with the dead while others sense when things are about to go wrong. What if you are put in a situation where you are asked to right a wrong, to reveal secrets better left buried? What would you do in order to correct the past if those in charge are determined to keep that information buried?

Anne-Marie gets the surprise of her life, on the eve of passing over her duties as the Seer of Wallis County, Georgia. The pond where she and her friends have skinny dipped for years begins spewing out ghosts, all demanding that she bring to light the terrible events that have been hidden beneath the watery surface. What’s worse than ghosts demanding assistance just when she’s ready to shake the dust of this area off her feet? The owner of The Pond, or rather a member of his family, who happens to be the sheriff. Can Anne-Marie uncover all the secrets of The Pond, or will she be stuck in this county forever?

Beneath the murky depths of the pond, a great stirring was beginning. Those who had inhabited this waterway, some for more than a century, others for less than ten years, were awakening.

She is here.

Our salvation is at hand.

Call her… call her.

The great secret that had been a part of Wallis County for so long was about to be revealed. No one would escape the implications of murder most foul or hiding those who had perished either through natural means or “misadventure.” Unanswered questions of a few would soon have resolutions that would turn neighbor against neighbor and render families as they defended the people behind the great secret.

Find her.

She is here.


At the pond.


We must discover that.