Wildcat Crew – A New Teen Mystery Series

Coming in early May, during Mystery Month sponsored by Booklist, is a new teen series. Set in the 1970s, a group of intrepid teens take on unusual events and solve to the best of their abilities, without all the modern conveniences of a twenty-first century teen.

Wildcat Crew consists of Marnie Wildwood, Les—don’t call her Leslie—Johnson, Tish Ramone, and Garth Michaelson. They’re nosy and won’t give up, even if their parents are always telling them to be careful. These teens live in Southern California but aren’t your typical teens. Their interests, when they’re not solving mysteries vary from sports to exploring the nearby desert.

Their first adventure hits very close to home. Three girls in their high school class vanish only five days before graduation. Wildcat Crew can’t help but think this might be a great case to redeem their tarnished reputation, after they were given the chore of figuring out who put trashcans on the library’s roof.


Finally moving on from the horror of the Manson killings, the Los Angeles area has begun to return to normal. Until, that is, the small bedroom community of Monrovia skyrockets into the news. This sleepy little area, nestled up against the foothills, is probably best known for their football team, but that was yesterday’s news.

Three girls have vanished. Notes left behind have an “H” and a “S” with red dripping off them. People’s minds automatically go to the horror of 1969 and wonder if someone else is about to initiate “Helter Skelter.”

A group of teens, Wildcat Crew, doesn’t think so. Despite the police looking at a trouble teen, they focus on another teen whose past has some dark secrets. As the city moves toward the summer solstice, these intrepid investigators work diligently on solving this case before someone else vanishes into the canyon.


The moon hung low on a dark California night. June could be a mix of summer’s warmth with just enough of the coolness left over from spring to force the native Californians to retreat to their homes and huddle beneath blankets.

Fools they were, and The Mastermind would be the one to remind them of their folly. For he was the one who would wake them up from their quiet, peaceful lives and thrust them into the terror of his making. No one would rest easily until he had sated his hunger.

He crept along a quiet street. Homes were lit up and the images of families having an ordinary evening without any idea of what he was about to unleash on them played through his mind. His plan was very simple—no one had noticed his first attempt at fame a mere four years ago, because of the Manson Family’s rampage.

They will now. No one will ever ignore me again.


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