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Landry's Ghosties

Good Morning Ghosties,

It dawned on me that I haven't properly introduced Landry's Ghosties. Today, I'll devote a bit of time to them before diving into the fire-water daemon problem.
First of all, there's Tink. His real name is Tinker Kacklin but don't ever call him Tinker. He gets kind of upset about it. He has the coolest shoulder length nut-brown hair and brandy-brown eyes. Some of The Gang (another long story for another time but it has to do with Susie Fishbone - again. Sigh!) think he's absolutely sweet but he hates all of those girls and the guys are worse than trouble.
My oldest and best friend Sly Cherboom told me about seeing ghosts when she was five. We were hanging out at Kindergarten and she spotted the Left Behind Kid in a corner. It took us most of the year to get rid of him. He positively loved eating paste and trip the teacher whenever she walked past him. Sly's real name is Slyvia and her mother's a real fashion nut. Sly hates dressing u…

The next adventure has begun

Hey all, Hailey Hatmaker here. I booted my creator early so I could get to work. The fire-water daemon's (or is that the water-fire daemons - we haven't figured out what to call them yet) are hard at work. Spring has come to Landry, too.

Here I am at Larkin's Pond in the early morning. It's foggy - or froggy as I used to call it back in the early days of my Ghostie career. I have on the most wonderful hat. It's called a cloche. Now, for those of you not in the know, it fits real tight around my head and has a ribbon with some fake grapes on it. Sits kind of low on my forehead but I don't care. To make myself look totally cool, I wear this long kind of skirt and a white blouse that hangs over my hands. Not the best outfit for dealing with fire-water daemons (or water-fire daemons) but I'm not at that stage yet.

Ghostie Central, my so out of it research center, still can't explain how the fire daemons mixed with the water and became something else, so here …