Landry's Ghosties

Good Morning Ghosties,

It dawned on me that I haven't properly introduced Landry's Ghosties. Today, I'll devote a bit of time to them before diving into the fire-water daemon problem.
First of all, there's Tink. His real name is Tinker Kacklin but don't ever call him Tinker. He gets kind of upset about it. He has the coolest shoulder length nut-brown hair and brandy-brown eyes. Some of The Gang (another long story for another time but it has to do with Susie Fishbone - again. Sigh!) think he's absolutely sweet but he hates all of those girls and the guys are worse than trouble.
My oldest and best friend Sly Cherboom told me about seeing ghosts when she was five. We were hanging out at Kindergarten and she spotted the Left Behind Kid in a corner. It took us most of the year to get rid of him. He positively loved eating paste and trip the teacher whenever she walked past him. Sly's real name is Slyvia and her mother's a real fashion nut. Sly hates dressing up and only wants to hunt ghosts with me.
The other guy on our team is Freddy Conders. He's fearless and dives into danger to keep us girls safe, or so he thinks. After the huge fire daemon problem last Christmas, I think he's getting the idea but we'll see.
The last member of our group is Annie Knott. Her beagle is the one that constantly gets caught in the fence while he's digging under it. Boy, can that dog howl! Annie came into her ghostie talents late - like in fifth grade. She discovered Snotty Sammy. You said it, that ghost never could find a tissue and grosses out all of us.
So, all of us Ghosties are sitting at Larkin's Pond, just staring at all those fire-water daemons dancing above the water and it dawns on me that mabye water will destroy them. Dumb idea. After all, a fire-water daemon is all fire on top and a huge drop of water on the bottom. It's worth a shot so we find this stupid rowboat and splash them with water. I should have known it wouldn't work. We ended up swimming back to shore with all those daemons laughing at us.
So, the Landry Ghosties need your help. Anyone out there have any ideas on how to deal with this? Maybe you can post something that will help us overcome this problem and I can convince this writer friend to tell our story in her latest book.
Hailey Hatmaker.