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A new old story

When I participated in NaNoWriMo 2006, I felt I'd written an extremely strong story but after months and months of editing, I found it was flawed. Deeply flawed. So I did what any good writer does in this situation. I scraped it and began anew. Now, a week into those serious rewrites, a new story emerged based on the instant information, instant judgment mode in this internet controlled world. (And doesn't that sound like an idea for a story.) But nothing new now. I have too much on my platter and NaNo will begin in five weeks.

My rewrite contains strong compelling main and secondary characters. The plot line revolves around a teen caught up in a lie but no way to escape the web around her until she remembers an event that injured one of her close friends. These characters aren't frustrating me. In fact, they're fascinating me as I develop their story. Told in a blend of first and third person, I'm using flashback (well, hopefully) to fill in the gaps as my gal fixe…

Fall coming but it's still warm on the keyboard

Characters tend to consume me. Am I making them loveable enough or getting too far into their emotions. What is too much or too little emotion? How does it dovetail into the plot? And mostly, just what makes a good character? That is a lead character. I do well with the ancillary characters. They are fantastic as support for my main character but there's the rub. Sometimes I have to work hard to decide just what strengthens those protagonists spines. Think about it. How many times can you throw harsh reality at them before the reader's screaming, get a life. That jerk will hurt you. Or she just plain doesn't care so why are you trying?
Now that I'm seriously submitting my first adult romance novel, I wonder if I've actually found that blend of emotion. But that's the submission willies. No matter how good the book is, I always chew fingernails down to the quick. And have the hardest time moving to another project so I can just let those submissions run their cou…

A new story

So, I move forward. This time it's an adult romance but the characters are just as frustrating. I find as I set their trials and travails, I've had to think over is this really my character. Will doing this really move their role forward in the world I've created. So, I think this time, the problem bogging me down will, in all truth, have to attach itself to another character. In fact, I believe mine will be stronger for avoiding it.

Onward and upward, Shadowed looks to be one of the harder books I've created. Now that Tuck and company is well into the editing stage, I can do this one but November looms and I plan to do the most involved project yet. Later, when NaNo begins to haunt me about mid-October