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Most folks would, after plotting out three novesl in one month just to achieve a NaNo goal, be content to rest on their laurels for about a year. Yet my brain isn't. Oh, I tried so hard to stop it but can't. A new story has burst into my head. Young adult of course. It's about a group of diverse teens brought together during NaNoWriMo by their writer parents. The teens, of course, decide it's up to them to fight words with words. They'll participate in NaNo Junior. But a power surge in the opening hours creates a situation none of them realize until near the end of the month. NaNo Camp features Kyle Longren as a wacky 17YO who only wants to finish his project and get his life back to normal. Little does he know, he'll come to hate the words The End.

NaNo done early

Done early, not a huge thing. I've done that the last two years. This year, well, let's just say it turned into a major worry. I had my Kim/Lyssa and Sue Anne/Earl Lee/Tuck stories down hard and fast. Got them finished by the tenth. Sat back buffing my fingernails on my shirt. Then my hubby challenced me.
Everyone who knows me just knows a challenge is something I can't ignore. I did have one more story but I didn't have a really good outline for how I wanted to tell it. Dare I? Could I actually finish this one in time? The evening of the 24th closed and I was still two planned chapters from the end. Hey, I already had more words than I needed. Why should I push myself to finish? Maybe because I just don't drop a story when it grabs me. And it's finished. Add Lisa to the stellar cast I learned so much about this year. She's a redhead from North Georgia. She has a stalker. Hey, who has a stalker in high school? Lots of teens according to the CDC. And she'…

Another year, another certificate

Althought I won't get it until the 25th, Kim/Lyssa, Sue Anne, Tuck, and Earl Lee helped me achieve my fourth win in NaNo. Two new first drafts for a total of 112,931 words really blew me away. I achieved it only because of these strong characters driving their words into my mind. I learned so much about them during the course of 77 hours straight writing. One situation led to another and their demands I go here or there opened new vistas from the extensive outlines I'd written.

Kim/Lyssa released years of abuse to find a loving group of people, an extended family, who'd never given up on her. She never believed she had a chance of escaping her abusive life yet chance encounters and a stupid move on the part of the people she called her family gave it to her, along with a friend who missed her so much he never let her fall into depression.

Sue Anne was a true 19th century young woman. She only wanted to teach for a few years then find a husband. When evil invaded her town, sh…

NaNo week 2

I've survived week 1 and found I can also survive my flash drive blanking out with my whole manuscript on it. A real horror story where I actually contemplated quitting. Me. The person who goes on no matter what. I actually considered for ten minutes giving up the 50,000 competition. But I didn't. I inserted the flash drive into another computer, found the temp file, and recovered everything but five lines - which I found in a recovery file on my laptop. So, with Kim's story in first draft, I've shoved it into a corner and am now heading for the second story.

The Curse of Grungy Gulley started as a challenge many years ago but never gelled into a tale I liked. After going over the elements, I tightened the time frame to five days in April. My three main characters are combating an evil entity who is seen by all of them at the same moment. These teens don't know about the others, until they come together for the final scene.

Sue Anne Edwards is a seventeen year old sc…

NaNo Day 3

Day three starts for me soon. My first project, the story of Kim Stinson/Lyssa Winders, is going well. Should finish this morning. Will let my brain rest and catch up on other writing projects then hit the skids with the second project either tomorrow or Wednesday. If that goes as well as this one, I'll be finished by the end of the weekend.

Lyssa's story, and I have to call her Lyssa at this point, is probably one of the toughest I've written. Edgy YA in first person with third person flashbacks but it's the plot that has me going in circles. A child stolen from her family for revenge. Murder committed for the same reason. Her trip back to the people looking for her without losing hope. It mirrors what many families go through yet their stories only make news at the beginning and end. You don't see the middle. You don't hear about how the child had to fight back against the people who took her, kept her, and tried to brainwash her. A strong personality does get…