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And another one bites the dust, or comes up for air.

Finished working on the story where I felt I had to interview the characters to find where they were coming from. Thank you Kathleen Duey for sharing this tidbit with me. It helped tons finding motivation for their actions and reactions in a tough story. It's on the shelf while I spin out a yarn that's simmered in my head for years.

So, all going well there. Have to finish up the first draft later then get to work on my sub to Knight Agency. Can't let a chance pass to wow an agent. Good folks there from what I've heard and I'd love for them to pick mine but not holding my breath. Only twenty lucky folks out of the probably thousands that apply will have their work read. Kind of makes you feel small in the writing world to realize that much.

Weekend is here, along with end of Spring Break. Can't wait for school to start again, but next big break is summer vacation. Yuck! That tells me the year is flying past and I just can't imagine that yet. Where has the yea…