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Another month closes

And I feel closer to some characters, let down others have yet to live up to their potential, and ready to take on more challenges. What have I learned this month? That I do have the ability to pick out pieces of those around me, to dredge up some of the horrors from years past and distill them into a cohesive story, and mostly, that I have the power to continue working on something no matter how intense it gets, or how much it affects me.

So, another lesson. I actually figured out how to do a first draft of a synopsis. This very vital part of submitting has always eluded me. Sure, I wrote them. All writers do. But mine stank. And that was putting it mildly. Then a thought came to me. I had the five elements of a synopsis: hook, book's beginning, conflict main character faces, how he/she resolves conflict, ending. Okay, how hard is it to put that into one page? Oh, much harder than anyone realizes. See, writing is about description, it's about dialogue that moves the plot forwa…

The ultimate goal...what is it?

As I push myself to discover my characters as I write their stories, I also discover more about my life, things I've forgotten, things I never wanted to remember. So it goes with my current project.

I never wanted to relive some of the more painful moments from high school. Who does? Is it not more convenient to gloss over them, pretend to the popularity, the elitism that marked a successful school career? Who wants to admit they stood on the outside looking in, yet do not those things mark a person as strong as they make their way in an uncaring world?

So many now say world events age children before they really enjoy life. To them, I say phoeey. Sure, I depend on my children to show me the way as I wade through teen lingo but I also find myself leaning more and more heavily on the events of my childhood to find the true emotions. The current teen problems tied to relationships and other problems aren't new, they're only cloaked with new technology bringing out their conseq…

New Project, Same Problems

Or not. Whenever I start something new it's like I have a million things to do, and I don't mean on that project. I have home issues dragging me away from writing. I have other projects demanding my attention. Mostly, I wonder if I have the concentration to begin anew running through me. The first few days, chapters, are difficult at best. Distracting at worst as I begin to get to know my characters.

Yet, this project is far closer to home than I've ever done. The antagonist has the same issues of some of those around me. The protagonist closely resembles another near me. Am I too close to the issue? Do I have to back off, release the anger and pain I feel in order to write a cohesive book or should I transfer those emotions to my main character, giving her a strength beyond her years at the end, as she untangles her life and becomes almost rabid about preventing another accident like the one she survived? So many questions, maybe that's my milieu, to have the questions…

A new month, new goals, new obstacles

Ah, June. A new month to accomplish new goals, to figure out how to improve my work so I can find that elusive contract, to take other steps to meet my ultimate goal of publishing a book.

One way I've figured out how to catch an editor's attention, to make my work more saleable, one I already knew, was reading books similar to mine. In other words, I needed more young adult fiction. Well, going to the library is definitely out. In addition to competing with teens doing their summer reading lists, I also have to bump right into the buying program. Believe me, our library depends heavily on donations, and they don't care what century they were printed in. Most of the stuff in the juvenile section is extremely old. Frustration sets in. I sure can't buy any more books since I blew the book budget for the year already. Just had to have the next installment of Michael Scott's Nicholas Flamel series. It's as good if not better than the Harry Potter books. Also, my youn…