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Busy - and exciting - month

So, here I am preparing the first 500 words of Paradox Lost for entry into the KidLit contest, and hoping I get that first prize so I can figure out if this manuscript has possiblities before I start that slog through publishing houses, and I hear from a publisher. They want to see the full manuscript of The Landry Ghosties Tackle the Totally Baffling Silent Ghosts.

Woo Hoo!

Feet finally touched earth again. Did I give up on this contest (check here: to concentrate on just that manuscript? Never. Not in my genes. Give me more work than is possible to do in one day and I'm in seventh heaven. Push me to the limits while also throwing tons of son's extra activities at me and I'm happy. Upshot is I'm sending off both the contest entry and full manuscript this AM.

My fondest hope in this new month of a new year is that both are successful. Here we go!

So long gone. Did you miss me?

I just realized I haven't blogged in ages. What a waste! But holidays and post-NaNo blues caught up to me. Am I working on a new project? Not in a real sense but a couple are simmering in my head. What I am doing is reworking a couple of current projects and getting contest entries and submissions ready to go out. The most interesting is one at Posting the first 500 words of a finished MG or YA novel for a professional read. Winner gets a critique. Yes! Sounds very interesting. I have a couple of things that might work there. Will have to check out what state they're in and push myself to get them ready.

Are you intereseted in this? Go to and find out all the pertinent information. I only have to do a couple more things to qualify. Ask a question on one of the blog entries and go over what I want to send with the finest tooth comb that exists. Opportunity knocks. I never leave the door unanswered.