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Real Life versus Fiction

Real life wins the weird award every time. The Tonya Craft case was so compelling it drew in a nation. Here was a kindergarten teacher, a woman pursuing her career for 15 years while taking classes to make her a better teacher and out of the blue, three little girls accuse her of child molestation. Most people's first instinct is 'of course she's guilty'. But is she?

Take a few things into consideration. First, in her fifteen years of teaching, not one other student ever made such an accusation. Not one. I'll repeat that. No other student accused Ms. Craft of inappropriate touching in any manner. And some of those students are adults now or just graduating high school. The press surrounding her arrest and indictment by the prosecution team should have drawn children all over this country who had contact with her out of the woodwork. It did, to defend a woman they love and know would never harm a child in any way. The second item is called small town dynamics. Yeah,…

Not Guilty but the fight goes on

A jury took a day and a half to find Tonya Craft not guilty on 22 charges of child molestation. While the court clerk read the verdict in a sonorous voice said to shake defendants to the core, I knelt in front of my sofa praying to keep hearing those two words all the way through. Ms. Craft, to her credit, remained upright and in control until after the final not guilty. She had her life back but at what cost?

Her children still live with her ex-husband but the motions have already been filed to change that. Ms. Craft's professional life will never be the same. Teaching is now a long destroyed dream. She has expressed an interest in going back to school, to become a lawyer representing not only falsely accused people but the children. That's her one concern as she appears on talk shows from the national networks who finally came to find out what a small town in NW Georgia had going on that was causing so much hoopla.

I can only say I have half the courage and strength as Ms. C…

Prayers for Tonya


This is one classy lady and sassy to boot. She got on the stand prepared for her throat getting dry and maybe crying with a cup of water and a hanky. Her answers to the first questions are concise and said without malice. I am so impressed with her. Even when the prosecutors and judge began attacking her attorney's line of questioning, she stayed strong. Prayers going out for you every second, Tonya. Don't let them shake you.

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Week 4 of the Tonya Craft trial is coming close to an end. Tonya's husband has spent most of the day testifying and has confirmed what all of us already know. None of these supposed acts ever happened! But what has happened is small town cattiness and pettiness. Two women with axes to grind and an ex husband made some awful decisions. They probably only thought their actions would cost Tonya her job and kids. None of them probably ever thought their lies would go this far. But this far they have gone. It's fish or cut bai…