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Stranger Than Fiction...Or Is It?

UPDATE: The ebook format of Passionate Hearts 2010 Anthology is now available in AllRomance PDF and Smashwords Multiformat here:, you can pre-order the print version at the same link!

Writing is a life fraught with many pitfalls and many days of wondering if the story produced will bear fruit with the selected publisher. One of the things a writer learns from the very first day of their career is to make sure their work will never wear the label stranger than fiction. Well, Rediscovered Trust does just that. It's a romance, one of soul mates pulled apart by circumstance and coming back together. Interwoven through this story is a tale of judicial and prosecutorial misconduct in addition to law enforcement corruption. I submitted this novella to Vanilla Hearts Publishing for their Passionate Hearts 2010 Anthology in early August, never expecting the whirlwind that would next occur. See, I've always heard from successfully published writers that the …