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NaNo 2010 - Countdown to November

November, for me, has meant 30 days of intense writing in an attempt to begin and finish at least a 50,000 word novel. Now, for some, there's a shrug and a 'what's so hard about that?' Well, what is so hard about that? Imagine, if you will, thirty intense writing days of your brain working full speed creatively. Imagine, if you will, thirty exhausting days of putting words on the screen in an attempt to fulfill a goal. Imagine, if you will, how you cannot go backward and edit what you did at the beginning when your middle sags or your ending stinks. That's NaNo. That's the challenge I've taken on since 2005 and the challenge I've completed every year. This year presents my toughest challenge yet. A romance. A romance with two main characters and a town out of control. The reader will link this particular novel with another look at the South. However, I will say from the outset. I would never, ever, attempt to repeat the grand novel Harper Lee did. My lo…