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MYSTERY TIMES TEN Releases July 22, 2011!

Tomorrow marks another milestone in my writing career, one I welcome with open arms. MYSTERY TIMES TEN Anthology, a compilation of ten mystery stories for teens, officially releases. In addition to having my work featured with nine other talented authors, I had the pleasurable experience of having the story judged by a panel of teen judges. For an individual who began this journey fifteen years ago and, at that time, decided to concentrate on the world of children's writing, this is one major goal achieved.

Not only have I met a great group of writers through our connection to this book, I've had the pleasure of seeing MYSTERY TIMES TEN at the number 13 position at's anthology list yesterday morning, a whole day before the actual release. I can only hope interest in this book remains high.

The story follows a young woman, confident in her career path after high school graduation and ready to have a bit of fun before she leaves for college. Little does she know th…