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A New Anthology

The western, in book form, enjoys moments of great success. People all over seek out western books and short stories as a way to visit another time. They look for the escape to what they believe is a simpler lifestyle. Yet, those who lived during the expansion of the West would say much differently.
The men and women who settled the west were a hardy breed. They had no time for vapors or complaining about something their neighbors had done. These men and women worked long hard hours to break through rocky soil to set up a homestead, or herded cattle through blizzards or driving windstorms on the plains in order to establish a ranch. Few who came west did so with any thought but escaping the increasingly overcrowded East. Many of those few migrated west after the Civil War, a time when brother fought against brother. Far too many of the men going west were only looking for a little peace. Some found it and settled into somewhat boring lives, occasionally punctuated with the excitement o…