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To Write, You Must Read

Back at Easter, less than a month ago, my nephew's wife and my oldest son's wife had a conversation with me, after everyone at the family get together learned my latest book, The Best of Frontier Tales Vol. 1, was now available. Both of these young women seemed earnest in their questions about how I planned to sell this book, and promote it in Northwest Georgia, since, after all, these are stories about the nineteenth century west.
The conversation went well, or so I thought, until my nephew's wife announced she was now writing a book. Usually, I encourage anyone who tells me this, and I'll even offer to look over their work. This day, however, I was at a loss for words at how to respond, for on very good reason. Both of these women don't believe in reading. They refuse to read to their children for any reason, insisting the children only read 'for school'. Even worse, neither woman has finished high school. My daughter-in-law dropped out at 16 to have a chi…