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And Then She Barked!

I look upon my latest journey to publication kind of like our reformed, aged barn cat took to the new puppy. The first day and a half, Fireball, the cat, would approach Shiloh, the puppy, with a wary posture. He'd sniff, and she'd bounce. Now, this was the day before and on Mother's Day. And I'm watching the action and wondering if our set-in-his-ways, master-of-the-house, especially the windowsills, cat would accept the puppy. He wasn't known for his patience with new residents in HIS house. In fact, our previous dog would often sit outside no matter the weather and watch him lording over the fact he was in the cool – or hot, depending on the weather – house. He was the king, and let no one forget that.

And then she barked. It was an extremely memorable moment. The cat was doing his usual sniff, sniff, sneak about this strange smelling what he thought was a kitten who didn't purr. Shiloh, bless her loving heart, decided it was time to introduce herself. So sh…