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Andrea Buginsky - The Chosen

Today, I have the honor of hosting Andrea Buginsky, author of The Chosen and Nature's Unbalance, both available through Solstice Publishing. I had the honor of participating in Andrea's launch party for Nature's Unbalance on Facebook a few weeks ago, and it was a wonderful experience.

Take it away, Andrea.

1.Where did you come up with the idea for Halli's character? Is she based on someone you know?

Halli is based on a character I played in a Role Playing Game with my family and friends years ago. She was a Holy Paladin, and one of the group's healers. Her personality in the book is based on me: quiet, shy, a good friend, wanting to help others. That's me!

2.You describe Halli as a pretty dwarf, which is in complete contrast with most dwarves in fantasy. Why?

I've actually heard this question a few times now. As much as I wanted Halli to be a dwarf, I wanted her to stand out from the typical dwarf you see in fantasy stories and films. I wanted to show that jus…