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Review: Ghostly Clues by: Kay LaLone

Sarah Kay Tufts smells lilacs at her grandma's funeral – but no one else does. Then she hears a familiar, beloved voice, and knows her grandma is still with her. This is the second loss twelve-year-old Sarah Kay has suffered, but then clues rise about her father, thought dead for ten years. Can Sarah Kay unwind the clues offered through love from a ghost? Will she discover the reason her father may not be dead, and will she forgive him?
Kay LaLone weaves a story of love, loss, and turning thirteen in a tale of a young girl coming to grips with what she knows, and what the actual truth is. Ghostly Clues is an easy read, with a believable almost teen struggling to discover the mystery behind her father's loss, while also coping with the death of her beloved grandmother. LaLone leads the reader through the story by using the scent of lilacs as an indicator of Grandma's visits to her grieving granddaughter. Even when Sarah Kay disobeys her mother and searches out her paternal g…

Giving Back

When I signed my contract with Solstice Publishing, I made myself a promise – I would donate some of my royalties to a charity. But I had no idea how to do this and get people to purchase my book so I could. Then, Sunday afternoon, my publisher seemed to read my mind. Summer Solstice Publishing Giving Back
The above link is to a page where you can purchase Softly Say Goodbye, and I'll know exactly how many books have been sold. Then I'll take 10% off the top of my royalties and donate it to the Salvation Army.

Why did I choose this noble charity? The reason is perhaps the simplest in the world. They only use 12% of their annual income for management and the general council. The other 88% goes to those they serve.
I've researched the other organizations, and they keep too much of each dollar for their management. That's not giving back to the community, something I believe in deeply. So, your purchase of Softly Say Goodbye will help these people with their worldwide mi…

Successful Promotion

I have spent most of the last two and a half weeks promoting Softly Say Goodbye. Have I been successful? Royalties aren't in yet, but I've found another way to gauge success, and I feel I've done a tremendous job getting word of this book out from a fabulous publisher, Solstice Publishing, and an author from a small town in Northwest Georgia.
Just how did I figure out how to promote my book worldwide? Well, the first part of that answer lies in Twitter.
Twitter: You get 140 characters to put your message out, and you have to add hashtags, and other people/groups who are retweeting your work. Now your eyes have just popped wide open, and you're asking just how you get the message out about your book with all that hung on the end. The answer is simple. First, spend some time figuring out just what hashtags are best for your book. After much consideration, I decided on #YA to gather overall interest. #SCBWI was next, because I'm a member, and this organization of childr…