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Fade to Silver

Title: Fade To Silver Character Interview Today, Out of Control Characters brings you Catherine Converse. She's talking about her series The In Between, and specifically, the second book, Fade to Silver. This is a delightful fantasy series for young adults. 1.Talk to us about Fade To Silver Fade To Silver is the sequel to The In Between, in what will be a four book series (The In Between Series). The overall, big picture premise of the series is that two girls (Adie and Dannika) that are completely opposite both have a psychic ability to dream about future murder. They are asked to join a covert intelligence agencies that uses the dreams to stop murder, and the agency headquarters are located deep in the earth to keep the ‘Visionaries’ safe. In the first book, the two girls are trying to navigate their own abilities as well as a relationship with one another, and the young men they are falling for. In book two, Dannika goes for a really wild ride, and goes missing, and Adie needs to…

Mariah's Challenge

I wrote Softly Say Goodbye as a message about what can happen when teens abuse alcohol. My hopes were this book would open eyes, and bring people to the realization teen drinking is a problem we need to address at all levels. I knew about accidents involving underage drivers who were intoxicated, but while searching for information on this subject recently, I ran across a website that completely changed my perspective.
Mariah Day McCarthy was fourteen, a freshman at Butte High School. She was a normal teen, and a great friend. On October 27, 2007, she and two friends were walking along a road when an underage drunk hit them. Mariah's friends survived, but she died. Instead of being another statistic of teen drinking, Mariah has become a symbol of the determination to stop this problem.
Her father, Leo McCarthy, showed enormous courage on the day of her funeral when he issued a challenge to Butte's youth.
• If you are under 21, do not drink and never get in a car with someone …