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Author Interview: Polyamory and Pregnancy

Today, Out of Control Characters hosts Jessica Burde, author of Polyamory and Pregnancy. First, a little bit about Jessica:

Jessica Burde is an author, freelance writer and poly activist. She has been in polamorous relationships for nearly 10 years and is a member of the Polyamory Leadership Network and Yahoo PolyResearchers group. Jessica is also the author of the PolyonPurpose blog, which covers topics such as STIs and safe sex, children in polyamory and religious views of polyamory. Much of her freelance writing has been for medical and parenting websites, including advice for new parents, the stages or pregnancy and more.
Jessica has several future books planned
for the Polyamory on Purpose Guides series, including Safer Sex for the
Non-Monogamous, The Poly Home and Raising Children in Polyamory. She plans to
publish one guide a year. Jessica also writes fiction, and has a novel-length
erotic fantasy that she hopes to release as a webserial in October 2013. A mother of 3 children, all …

Blitz: Paint Me Beautiful

A new book is a coming, Paint Me Beautiful. Here's a quick look at what it's all about. Let me tell you, I can't wait to get my hands on it and read the story. It's a story many, many teens live every day.

“I'm dying to be beautiful.”
My story isn't unique. You've heard it before. I'm just a girl who doesn't eat as much as she should. See, I have goals, big ones, and nobody is going to stop me, not even a boy named Emmett. He has good intentions and he's hot as hell, but he doesn't understand what it's like to want something so bad that you'll do anything for it. I'm going to become a model, even if it kills me. Dream big or go home, that's what they always say, right?

C.M. Stunich was raised under a cover of fog in the area known simply as Eureka, CA. A mysterious place, this strange, arboreal land nursed Caitlin's (yes, that's her name!) desire to write strange fiction novels about wicked monsters, magical trains, and …

Review: Bad Apple

A threat to remain silent or she ends up like the kittens silences Neal Marchal for eight years. She's an orphan, connected to her stepmother's family, with no close kin to protect her. It's a life full of secrets, of a hidden dream involving music, and a group of people who are the only family she has, even if they are different … hurtful.
The intervention of a cop with a good heart after a neighbor is murder gives Neal hope, but she still holds back. Everyone knows the mountain people of apple country in New York don't abide by the same rules as other folks. Yet, these differences threaten to destroy Neal, until she meets a guy with a band, and an offer.
Barbara Morgenroth weaves a tale of a family steeped with "bad apples," and a teenager surviving by her wits and her dreams. Neal's plight mirrors the plight of so many children, so many families, and yet she finds ways to escape – through writing and eventually music. It's a testament to the strength…

Blitz: Falling Into Paradise

Ah romance! Those sweet moments we all love. The delight of watching a couple come together. And the ever so happy ending. This is the best escape in the world. There's a romance out there that will have you reading it over and over again.

The artwork for this tour button is provided by Douglas Barnard
Welcome to Falling Into Paradise. Here's what it's all about:

A woman too afraid to commit. A man too hurt to love again. A passion that refuses to be denied. Sophie Redmond knew betrayal, she knew mistrust. She knew everything that was wrong with the world, until Damon Watson charmed his way into her life. The rules she used to shield her heart were broken one by one, as Damon showed her compassion and kindness. When no one else believes in her, he shows her hope. But is hope ever enough? Damon knew trouble when he saw it. He was the sheriff. He could spot it a mile away and Sophie was trouble with a capital T. What was it about this City Slicker doctor that made him want to f…

Review: Invisible by Jeanne Brannon

Lola Savullo is heavy, hates wearing a swimsuit. There's a dysfunctional family, caught up in their own narcissistic existences, except for Grandma Rose, who seems to understand Lola and her unusual way of dealing with the incessant bullying by most other teens in her school.
Lola's BFF calls the ability a superpower. Lola thinks differently, it's an escape, a way of avoiding the hurtful words and painful punches and slaps – both physical and verbal. What can she do? Lola disappears when she's overwhelmed by those around her. Grandma Rose calls it "The Vanishing." Lola is different, a negative, but she can also disappear, what every teenage girl wishes she could do.
Jeanne Bannon drops the reader into Lola's predicament right from the beginning, a humiliating moment at a public pool, and we immediately feel for this young woman. This is a story for all teens, a story about learning to cope with what gets you down, and rise above it. There are moments of hum…

A Life Wrecked?

Is this your story?

Kamy, eighteen, woke and wondered where she was and what had knocked her from sleep. A persistent buzzing from her pocket made her pull out an I-Phone. She stared at the screen, until the word "Mom" penetrated the hazy fuzz making it hard to think.

"OMG! What does she want?" Kamy answered the call. "What?" "Where are you?" Mom screamed. "It's three in the morning. You were supposed to be home at eleven."

"Whatever." Kamy shook her head, it had just started spinning in these really weird circles.

When that didn't work, she lay back and stared at the dark sky, but things only got worse.
"Where are you?" Mom demanded.

"Party," Kamy slurred. "Hardy's Field."

"You're drunk!" Mom screeched. A horrendous throbbing took over the spinning in Kamy's head. She rolled her eyes.

Stupid. I should have told her I was at Mysty Valley. "I'm coming to…

Beyond the Iron Gate Cover Reveal

You have your contract. It's signed and back to the publisher. Then you get it, the cover of your book – what it will look like to the consumer when they pick up the book and decide if they want to purchase it. What next? Why we reveal the cover to those many fans gathering for the big release date, so they can ooh and ah over it with you.

Today we're revealing the cover for Beyond the Iron Gate by Alicia Michaels. Beyond the Iron Gate is the second installment of the The Lost Kingdom of Fallada Novella series. This fantasy series takes place in the nineteenth century, and here's a taste of what you can expect:
In the year 1845, before the mystical land of Fallada was separated from the realm of men forever, the two worlds coexisted in harmony. Man could mingle freely in the world of the Elves and Faeries at will and peace reigned.
In the hills of Shropshire, England, just miles from the gate separating the village of Ludlow from the world of mystical creatures, farmer’s d…

Piercing the Fold: Surfacing the Rim

As an author, I meet many, many other authors. And I recently had the great luck to meet Venessa Kimball, author of the Piercing the Fold series. I reviewed the first and am now proud to present my review for the second book in this absorbing young adult fantasy series.

See for yourself with the review for the exciting second book, Surfacing the Rim:

Jesca, Nate, and Ezra return in this second book of the Piercing the Fold series. They have a multi-fold mission this time, and a timeline that scares them for failure isn't an option. A world changing event is approaching and they have no idea how the change will affect humanity.
Kimball's tale of a group of Dobrian guardians protecting Earth from Sondians determined to consume humanity is captivating from the beginning. The personalities shift and meld into new friendships, show their determination to follow through with their mission, and are ready for anything – or so they believe.
There are surprises, moments of "I n…