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Destiny Phoenix Book 2: Cry of the Wolf - Cover Reveal!


What a day! The second Destiny Phoenix book, Cry of the Wolf approaches its release. Today on Out of Control Characters we reveal the cover for the next chapter in this adventure. I had the chance to read and review the first one, and I just can't wait for book two to appear.

First, we'll Meet David R. Bennett!

David R Bennett is an author from Spring, Texas in the United States of America.
David R Bennett is a pen name that comes the reordering of his initials real initials. He, also, thinks the name has a ring to it.
Not only is he an author, he, also, is an illustrator. His real name is what is credited with the cover art to his novels.
He attended RockyMountainCollege if Art + Design in Denver, Colorado where he earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Advertising Graphic Design. The graphic design techniques he learned in college he uses to design his covers.
He, also, reads a lot of sci-fi / fantasy / paranormal books. Some of his favorite monsters are vampires, mu…

Canoples Investigations Tackles Space Pirates Releases!

Today is the day! Canoples Investigations Tackles Space Pirates is available! This is the first book in the Canoples Investigations series. It's about a group of four teens led by BD Bradford. The BD part is for Bradley Delford, but don't call him Bradley. It's a lame name, in his opinion, and besides he's been BD for eight years now. He doesn't want to hear the word Bradley passing anyone's lips concerning him.
What canyou expect in this action oriented adventure on a space station orbiting Jupiter?
BD Bradford resides on Canoples Station in 2364. He's on his last break before graduating high school. The biggest worry on his mind is scoring enough creds to buy the latest vid-game, and making up with his girlfriend, if she'll stop glaring at him. An announcement at breakfast hatches an idea in his ever-active brain – space pirates might be in the vicinity. Visions of creds tumbling around him after he captures the miscreants war with thoughts of what …