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Monday Musings: Bad Mojo Part I

Just what is "Bad Mojo?" The dictionary defines mojo as "finding the magic in what we do." Therefore, bad mojo would be the direct opposite of that, losing the magic in what we do.
What does this have to do with a blog on writing?
I became the Editor-in-Chief of Summer Solstice, an imprint of Solstice Publishing, in January. Since that time, I've run into many, many instances of bad mojo. So many, I have begun to wonder what happened to all the advice more experienced authors have made available on the World Wide Web for those looking to break into the world of publishing.
Here are a few steps many authors should take note of, and follow in order to have their book seriously considered.
You have that book finished. It's glorious, the next Great American novel. Oh yes, we all feel that way. We all believe that our book will soon grace the number 1 position on the New York Times Best Seller List, and then will garner millions in sales. Someone, a fell…

Book Blitz - Spartanica!

Synopsis: Heart-pounding action. Fantastical creatures. Epic battles for survival. Staggering betrayal. Spartanica, the first book in The Survivors of Sapertys Series, is an engaging young-adult/teen science fiction adventure novel that traces the fates of middle-school brothers Ty and Marcus Mitchell after they find themselves abandoned among the apocalyptic ruins of a decimated metropolis on a parallel world. Wanting nothing more than to survive long enough to get home, the boys soon learn they only have seven days to escape as they find themselves suddenly embroiled in a contentious battle for planet-wide domination against ruthless, animalistic desert warriors called the Desrata. The brothers soon find they aren't completely alone in their quest as they befriend young survivors of Spartanica's "last day" and come together to forge a unified front against their common foe. But are these kids truly fugitives from the Desrata death camps, or are they hiding somet…

Book Release - Inits!

Thudding footsteps, a smack on the back as I’m swallowing, and then RAS straddles the chair across from me. “Don’t gulp. Then I won’t have to keep you from choking.” He fills his plate with enough food to feed the back line of the Atlanta Falcons. “The jerk used all the hot water.” RAS glares at me. “You will so pay later.” “Yeah, right.” I stuff more pancakes, strawberries, and sausages into my mouth.
I always pay. When will he figure out that I’m not his favorite tackle dummy?

This is a story that was with me for a long time, a story begging to be told more and more each day. Many, many people have been bullied. Most of us survived and went on to have useful lives, but we will always remember those who pushed us around, physically and mentally.

We stood up and walked away. The bruises weren’t always visible, but they were and are there. We remain quiet when harsh words are spoken … walk away when others begin conversations that make us feel uncomfortable. One and all, we dream of…