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It Doesn’t Hurt—Much

You’re looking over your book. There’s a minor error in the middle, a missing comma or period, a word that shouldn’t be there. No wonder your sales are awful. People see this and think you’re a moron. So, you open an email and zip off a scathing commentary to your editor in chief, demanding that they immediately pull you book from all sales venues and FIX this problem. NOW. And if they don’t comply with your demand, you will stop promoting your book until they do what you want.
Your statement arrives and the royalties are nowhere close to what you expect. Your book is doing amazingly well—Look at the rankings on Amazon. You’re in the 50,000 range, or even better. What’s going on? Why, that publisher must be lying about what you should be getting. Time to get on Twitter, Facebook, or any one of the thousands discussion boards populating the internet, so you can vent about what a lousy publisher you have.
Whoa there, pardner. Hold on just a minute. Take a breath and step back before your…

Homophone Challenged

Homophones trip up the unsuspecting and make them appear to be less than educated. Over a year ago, I did a blog post on this subject, and I’m resurrecting it for another airing—because the problem is worse now than it was then. You post a status on Facebook. Or drop a tweet into Twitter, and you're immediate reaction is "Did I really do that?" Just what do you think is right in the sentence you just wrote, or perhaps wrong?
Maybe you blew it with one of the many homophones in our language. You know homophones—those words that sound exactly alike, but have meanings nowhere near each other. And now you're at risk of the Grammar Police nagging you until you do an edit, but what word do you use? How fast can you get this corrected? After all, no one wants a grammar cop on their case. Oh, you've seen people make fun of them, but those folks don't have one stalking them right this very minute.
How do you avoid these mistakes? There are some very simple rules to follo…

Book Release: Canoples Investigations Tackles Space Pirates

Excerpt: Five flitters arrow around the massive tetra-flex porthole giving everyone a view of Jupiter and her moons. These are ships capable of seating two to four people for station-to-planet hops. The largest thing in sight, Io, is in synchronous orbit between the station and Jupiter.

Blurb: The biggest worry on BD Bradford's mind is scoring enough creds to snatch a copy of the latest vid-game. He's set on getting his girl to stop glaring at him, until Space Pirates make their presence known. Thrown into a day without end, BD and his team can't do anything right, until faced with an impossible situation.
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Born and raised in Southern California’s Los Angeles basin, K.C. Sprayberry spent years traveling the United States and Europe while in the Air Force before settling in Northwest Georgia. A new empty nester with her husband of more than twenty years, she spends her days figuring out new ways to torment her ch…

The Technophobe in a Modern World

Authors all around the world, and perhaps one day the universe, now face an unsurmountable problem. We must learn new social media, and its implications on promoting our work.
In a nutshell, we must learn the many platforms as fast as possible while still promoting our work on the established platforms, and pounding out our latest book. Where once we could sit complacently behind a typewriter pounding out our next great American novel, we must now remain in the public eye. The days of the publisher having a department of minions scuttling around setting up book signings, appearances, three martini lunches, and acquiring us invites to “The Party of the Year,” we must now make those arrangements ourselves. We now live in a world where we must appear to be outgoing, available, and completely in control all day long, every single day. Therefore, those of us who brag we don’t have the latest smart phone, or even a cell phone are only creating the impression we have no respect for our fans. …

Interview with Summer Solstice author Elle Marlow!

Hey, everyone, welcome to today’s interview with Amazon bestselling author Elle Marlow. Her book, Josey’s Mountain, has sold over 2500 copies since its release in early July. We just have to know how she accomplished this amazing feat. Elle, darling, talk to us. Tell us what your secret is, or give our readers a hint into how you manage to do so well.
Summer Solstice: Your Amazon bio is beautifully simple, yet it also speaks to the reader as your best friend. Tell us how you came up with the formula for this.
Elle: My answer may not make some people happy, but if I am going to be perfectly honest as so that I can somehow help another author, that’s what I’m going to do, come what may.   I believe my bio was inspired by the way that Sarah Palin also speaks and writes. It doesn’t matter if you agree with her politically, most will admit she has a way of coming across as a friendly neighbor.  Most of us, when we sit around the kitchen table discussing matters at hand, do not use flowery des…

Monday Musings: Bad Mojo Part II

Did you digest everything in part one of this discussion? Here are my thoughts on what you can do to jinx your book from the beginning. Remember, this is from my experiences. Transitioning from writer to author is a stony path. We all have to work together to make our dreams happen!
You finally get through all of these irritating impediments to having your great book published and then – What is this? The Editor-in-Chief wants you to look over your book, to see if there is anything wrong with it. Are they kidding? Who do they think they are? It's their job to make sure all that is done.
No, this is your job. This is your book. Most reputable publishers won't do more edits on your book once it's published. This is your last chance to be sure everything is just perfect. Take your time. Don't let that missing period or misspelled word go. Fix them. Don't gripe about the editor or proofreader being lazy and not doing their job. Imagine these people doing their job.