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The Multi-Genre Author

Since I signed my first publishing contract, I’ve been placed into certain categories. Most of my short stories were young adult coming of age. Some were simply entertaining tales of adventure. Others were romantic suspense, a mystery, or even a psychological thriller. Then I moved from shorts to novels, maintaining the same genres, and adding sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, historical, westerns, and military.
I never thought anything about jumping genres, or even combining them. I write the story as it demands to be written. To my amazement, I soon found that some individuals didn’t believe an author should write outside their genre. That stupefied me because prior to writing fiction, most of my writing was technical, during my years in the Air Force. So, one has to ask, exactly what type of writer was I?
To most publishers, I was non-classifiable. They don’t understand an author who can write in multiple genres, or even combine genres in the same book. They want you to stick true to a si…

Dear Bestselling Author/Marketing Maven

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