Teaser Tuesday ~ A.A. Schenna ~ Trapped in Timelessness Fallen Angels


A.A Schenna was born on May 8, 1982 and currently lives with his partner Maria in Athens, Greece. As a child, A.A dreamed of being a cardiac surgeon. Later, Schenna realized that this was not what he wanted.
Writing has always been his greatest pleasure. When he doesn’t write action, adventure, romance stories or anything else, he reads everything.
Schenna admires all the writers he comes across and enjoys talking about books and magazines.
A.A loves meeting new people and discovering new places. 


The carefree stroll in the woods managed to trap them in timelessness. The four students along with their teachers would have to deal with an absurd fate.

The red scorpions, the large eagles, the nasty bats, and the bloody creatures were determined to haunt them forever. The moment they came across the craziest adventure of their lives, they would have to struggle to survive.
Green Lake was a beautiful place any time of year, a beautiful place where ten people disappeared every century at the end of a muddy rope.

On the verge of graduation, Nick and Leona knew nothing of this. It wasn't until the nightmare came for them that the curse became real, and their futures changed far beyond what they could have ever dreamed.
The black angels have come, destroying the world to remake it in their own image. Some humans will survive, even overcome. As their world burns, they will rise from the ashes.


Shortly After The Final Appearance Of The Black Angels
Minnesota, U.S.

I never thought I would live like a wild beast. The moment I heard the rest of our team screaming while searching for something to eat, I froze, paralyzed in fear and disgust.
I rested my hands on the rough ground and squeezed the black sand with my dirty, skinny fingers. I thought the whole situation was tragic, it was insane; no one was supposed to live like that.

I looked up at the sky and already knew I would be disappointed again. I was looking forward to seeing the sun but, for once more, I came across vanity and despair.

The blue color had vanished as the dust had covered everything and, during the night, you could see no clouds, no stars, not even the moon.

The strange fog along with the ash carried on wrapping the whole place up. Then again, the grey and the black colors had settled in front of my eyes and, as far as I could tell, they would remain there forever.

Although the intense heat belonged to the past, I was sure that we hadn’t seen anything yet. Soon, the weather conditions would change and the lack of sunlight would cause us more problems, making our living more difficult.

I swept my face and felt my dry eyes ready to pop out and, while I kept looking around me, the picture was still the same. I could sense the dangerous silence and, at the same time, I couldn’t explain how we managed to land at zero, destroying everything we had achieved.

Out of the blue, most of the world’s population was gone--assuming due to a tragic sun explosion.
Yorkshire, U.K.

Nancy ran to Ryan and hid in his arms, her lips quivering in fear. She rested her head on his chest; her blonde hair covering the pain of his soul and the tears of hopelessness.

“What did you see?” Ryan asked.

“I saw the same thing again.” Nancy was scared to death.

Although Nancy and Ryan loved summer walks, that year they abstained from strolling in the forest during their free time. They stopped enjoying their lovely moments under the stars of the peaceful, summer nights and they remained in their small, white house –a mile outside of town--gazing at the beautiful, large maple trees.

The last month, the residents of Criston Valley had become curious about the charming couple and since everyone knew their story, they couldn’t stop wondering whether everything was fine or not. No one would forget the determination Nancy and Ryan had shown even as teenagers to stay together forever.

In their early twenties, Nancy and Ryan got married and, since then, ten years had already passed. They loved one another and never gave up doing their best to maintain the flames of love in their marriage.

The beautiful couple had managed to steal the attention of the small town since they were young, helpful, and kind with everyone.
Sydney, Australia

Her beautiful, long fingers slept on the yellow curtains as her blue eyes kept searching for the prince she was waiting for. Her mind continued making plans for the future whereas the sun’s rays ran into her pale face, enlightening her complexion and changing her mood.

The girl loved looking outside; she liked watching the beautiful valley across their lovely farm. She felt like being a part of a wonderful picture where the green color along with the rest of the colors of the spring had started dominating in the whole area. She pulled her blonde hair back while her long, yellow dress made her look like Dimitra, the ancient Greek goddess of agriculture and fertility.

The young girl turned back and smiled at her mother who liked staring at her daughter in silence, trying to guess her thoughts. Although her daughter had never revealed her inner feelings, she could understand and explain the signs of love.

“It’s nice being in love, but we have many things to do,” the mother said vaguely.

The middle-aged woman took off her white coat and left it on the chair while she came closer to her daughter and caressed her sweet face.

“There is not only Patrick in your life, Abby,” she said.

“I know that, Mother,” Abby answered angrily.

“Since dinner is ready, I want you to call your father.” The woman abstained from saying anything else because she hated seeing her daughter defensive, being unwilling to talk about her relationship.

“Yes, Mother,” Abby whispered.

“That’s great, thank you, baby.” The woman knew that she had to wait for her daughter’s acceptance.

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