Teaser Tuesday ~ A.A. Schenna ~ Can't Let Go

About the Author

As a child, A.A dreamed of being a cardiac surgeon. Later, he realized that this was not what he wanted.
Writing has always been his greatest pleasure. When he doesn’t write action, adventure, romance stories or anything else, he reads everything.
Schenna admires all the writers he comes across and enjoys talking about books and magazines.
A.A loves meeting new people and discovering new places.
Trapped in Timelessness, Lake’s Curse, The Alphas, Limitless Love Collection, On the Sixth Floor, Fallen Angels and Can’t Let Go are available through the Solstice Publishing website.


When Ralph met Sonya, he fell instantly in love. He did not know that she had a past, and that one day, that past would rise to haunt them both and try to tear their family apart forever.


He knew he had to accept the fact that he would never see her again. He knew that he had to be strong. He had to pull himself back together.
As he was trying to make the baby calm, Ralph realized that nothing would be the same again. He half-closed his eyes and tried to catch his breath. His daughter had turned red as she didn’t stop crying and glancing at the cramped room, looking for her mother.
The moment Shania fell asleep again, he came across reality. Ralph took a few steps and stood in front of the small window. After a while, he placed his hands on the cold glass and gazed at the reflection as he wished he would get past the nightmare.
Ralph looked back and saw his baby sleeping and, immediately, he felt weird. The absurd fate had broken the rules of harmony and, in a flash, he ran into the worst experience of his life.
Although his baby had stopped crying and he breathed the air of relief, he knew that he was trapped in the zone of vagueness and could do nothing to get away. He couldn’t stop biting his lips and looking outside the window. He kept shaking as he was not eager to come closer to the path of the ruthless reality. The warm, beautiful home had turned into a silent house where nothing reminded him of the sweet, carefree moments of the past. This place was not his precious shelter anymore.
Out of the blue, Ralph shook his head and started smiling since he wanted to avoid the dangerous games of his mind. His partner had managed to bring him face-to-face with the worst fact of his life, but it was not the time to deal with her unexpected reaction. Ralph was struggling to survive as he wasn’t able to think of anything other than his daughter’s future. “Oh gosh, if only I could change things,” he kept whispering.
The memories of the past came up and flooded his mind and his soul. “This can’t be true,” he murmured.
He assumed that he had to forget her and move on his life, focusing on his baby, but it was too soon for anything other than trying to escape from the freaking nightmare.
Ralph placed his hands on his face and tried to prevent the tears from making their appearance, and to be optimistic as well, but his partner’s naïve action, the secrets and the lies Sonya had decided to put in their lives --destroying their relationship- -didn’t help him find the hope he was looking for.
The night had dressed the whole city while the dark thoughts had enveloped his mind driving him toward the road to insanity. Everything fought against his serenity and, soon, he would start losing control. Although Ralph was determined to overcome the new, dangerous challenge in his life, he couldn’t ignore the possibilities of his success. He felt stranded in the zone of hopelessness, and it was obvious that he needed help. Ralph kept walking around in the small room thinking of the reason his partner had left their home.
Ralph would never leave his child. He wanted to believe that things would get better, but he was living a hell and he had to find the mother of his baby as well. He had decided to focus on his child and no matter how harshly his partner and life had treated him, he knew that he had to adjust to reality and deal with the tragedy. It would be very difficult to move on, but he had to ignore her betrayal and make a new beginning.
He sat in the chair gazing at his baby and, before long, the strong wind made him get his life back. The moment he heard the branches of the large sycamores leaning toward the yellow tile roof, he assumed she came back home and started smiling. In a flash, his shoulders loosened and made him look peaceful and happy as usual.

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