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Reuniting After a Lifetime

Welcome to Sunday Blog Share. All month long and through December, we’re focusing on books that have a holiday of spirit as part of the Holiday of Books promotion.
Today, we’re going to be talking about a couple torn apart by their differing views regarding their careers and reuniting many years later. Usually, when discussing this subject, the woman is the person wronged and the man went on to have the perfect family, a career people brag about, and all the material desires he’d always wanted. In this case, a woman makes a decision of career over family, over love, and leaves her good friend reeling from the rejection of his proposal.
Can love be rekindled after a lifetime?
Mel dashes Joe’s hopes for marriage when she decides to pursue a career. Thirty years later, retired and without close family, she reunites with her first love.
Joe Stockton chided himself for picking this moment. Both he and the woman he loved, Mel Hoffman, had just come off a twelve-hour shift, prepari…