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Make It Your Book!


Finding Love


Edge of Despair


A New Chance

Good morning and welcome to Sunday Blog Share. Today, we’re talking about finding love in a new home. Teens are seriously into their friendships, budding romances, and preparing for college. Some teens also have to deal with the difficulties of families overcoming non-custodial kidnapping.

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Almost two months have passed since the nightmare of non-custodial abduction that Keri and Shane endured. She still suffers from nightmares and a deep-seated fear of repeating the experience. He can’t help trying to make her life easier, better in the hopes that she’ll relax.
Keri & Shane fought back in Lost & Scared. Can they now look forward to a New Future on the most romantic night of the year?

The craziness that was the lives of my family is still long from over, but I’m trying to forget all that tonight. Today is Saturday. The date is February 14, the most romantic day of the year, and I’m more than ready to celebrate with my bestie and our boyfriends.…